Vanessa Hill
Spectrum FacultyCourse Coordinator

Vanessa trained at Bartuccio’s Dance and Promotion Centre and went on to continue her training with many tap dancing greats such as Jason Samuels-Smith (USA), Greg Russell (USA), Ayodele Casel (USA), Chris Horsey and Grant Swift.

Some of her television and film credits include the Australian Film Industry Awards featuring Hugh Jackman, The Footy Show Grand Final Show, Simply the Best series, The Good Friday Appeal Gala performance and Journey to the Centre of the Earth movie. Theatre and stage credits include the City of Melbourne’s Millennium Eve show, Juvenile Diabetes Ball, Summer Live concert, Style Aid charity events as well as various Theatre Restaurants, Fashion Parades and Hair Shows. Vanessa has performed at various corporate and sporting events for companies such as Chrysler, Mary Kay, the Australian Open Tennis, Cheerleading for the NRL Melbourne Storm and at the World Rugby 7’s Tournament in Dubai UAE.